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“Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked country that is located in south Asia. It is variously designated as located geographically within Central Asia, the Middle East, or South Asia. It has religious, ethno-linguistic, and geographic links with most of its neighbors. It is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far northeast. The name Afghanistan means the "Land of Afghans".

“Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is a Persian speaking city and has always been so. As the seat of government for the Pashtun Afghanistani kings, food was an important part of royal life. Chefs were commissioned from all over the empire and places afar. They are credited for creating a myriad of dishes, blending different styles and in the process creating the best examples of true Afghanistani cooking. Their creations include exotic kormas, palaos, sumptuous rice dishes, desserts, and other creative items. These royal chefs passed down their art to aristocrat citizens of Kabul, they in turn to others. Several attempts were made to record the arts of the royal chefs.”

Established in 1990, our decorative pieces were carefully brought into the states from Afghanistan setting a similar theme from our restaurant in which was operated in Kabul pre Soviet invasion. The atmosphere we produce for our patrons is one of which would be produced in our homes, invitingly warm and unforgettable. We welcome and host to all as we would to loved ones and friends. Needless to say that after almost two decades in operations, many of our patrons are now close friends and many are alike family dubbing our little restaurant as their second home.

The food at our restaurant is as authentic as home cooking can get, as if prepared from the fingers of my mother and grandmother which is not only a privilege but the highest degree of gratification. We approach every dish prepared as if we are catering to ourselves and believe you me when I say that I don’t settle for anything less than perfection and consistency when it comes to eating. That is exactly how we operate and have operated for nearly two decades with perfection and consistency. Nothing heavily seasoned, nothing heavily spiced, nothing overly done. We want you to enjoy the food just as much after you leave our restaurant. We have a large variety of selections on our menu for vegetarians to meat lovers. Anyone and everyone will enjoy our menu; we cater to all, from any age demographic to the most difficult food ventures appetites.

Many questioned to what is the cuisine like? Well, to make it as simple, if you enjoy cuisine’s of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Persian, South East Asian, Western Asian, North African, Spanish delicacies, then you will more than enjoy our cuisine. We are flawlessly confident that once you indulge in our menu, you will consent to our cuisine prepared by us at Kabul Restaurant Afghani Cuisine NY as being by far exceptionally, unquestionably, indisputably amazing!


We cater to all needs and desires. You ask, we produce. We have catered for weddings, birthdays, concerts, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, book releases, movie premiers, chartered flights, chartered yachts, office parties, book clubs, any and all holidays, et cetera. There isn’t any number of persons that you produce in which we cannot oblige to; we have catered to over 1000 people in one setting and to different States. Inquire accordingly. (631) 549-5506

If our hospitality and good looking presence isn’t entertaining enough, we provide live entertainment on given evenings for example Belly Dancing. On a given Belly Dancing evening, I warn you, expect to be smiling as you will be enjoying these beautiful girls performing proper authentic belly dancing from the far east. An additional warning, be prepared to dance as you will find yourself to be dancing in your seat, but as soon as we spot you, you will be up dancing along side our performers! Reservations are highly recommended. (631) 549-5506

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Kabul Restaurant Afghani Cuisine
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Monday thru Saturday: Lunch 12pm-3pm Dinner 4pm-10pm
Sunday: 4pm-9pm

OUR MEAT IS HALAL. Kabul Restaurant Afghani Cuisine is not affiliated to any other restaurants besides Kabul Afghan Cuisine in Sunnyvale, CA.